Friday, March 30, 2012


That man smokes. It's a bad thing. I tell you he is not right.

Well, what if I said that a cigarette shows a man's capacity for Joy and his longing for Activity? And a man who longs for Joy and Activity cannot be wrong.

WTF! How and why would you say that?!

Mixing a dose of celebration, the lighting up, to every dull, empty, tense, seriously thoughtful or drunk, already euphoric, already happy moment shows just that. He can never be happy or active enough. His capacity for these always exceeds the range by that one more cigarette :)

That's the problem! There's always a justification and excuse for every wrong thing.

Oh yes, that is true. But my problem is that in this sad world, there has to be a justification and an excuse for every right thing too.

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