Sunday, October 27, 2013

Logic and Language

Exhibit 1:
X: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Y: Does that mean that half an apple a day keeps half the doctor away?!
X&Y: hahaha!

Exhibit 2:
X: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Y: My cousin eats half an apple a day. She stays ill half the time!
X&Y: hahaha!

(...and so on)

What's happening above? The above two exhibits show the interplay of "Logic" and "Language". In these cases, what's essentially happening is that Logic is being brought down to the level of illogic by a fairly logical usage of Language (for the sake of amusement or similar such end). In other words, Logic is being limited, distorted by Language through misuse or even abuse. Now as a side note, I'd like to admit that using Logic for entertainment via Language is a good thing. In fact, I may allow myself to even go as far as to say that there can't be a better form of entertainment. It's an Art (rhetoric), but as it happens, this game of Logic and Language has only ended up becoming a mere toy in the hands of unthinking populace. That's it for the side-note.

Coming back, isn't this what we observe in our day to day interactions: The emphasis on Language, even if it means a compromise on Logic. People use Logic to engage in mere repartee, or when 'debating', they simply fight over semantics, side-lining or completely ignoring the "idea" that the language is supposed to express. It brings to mind the story of a prophet who's pointing his finger to show his followers a path to paradise. But the followers, instead of following the direction at which the prophet's finger is pointing, merely keep focussing on the finger. Language is the finger here.

Now, it is mostly unnecessary to point out here that both Logic and Language are important as is the case with all 'Content and Form' (Logic being the content and Language being the form), but which is 'more important'? The answer is Logic. It's Logic that's above Language and not the reverse. It's also important to understand that Language is only supplemental to Logic and not complemental. Logic stands on it's own even in the absence of Language. Language is just a tool to facilitate our understanding of Logic. So it's crucial that one should try not to lose sight of Logic even in case Language falters or finds itself inadequate to keep up. And that one should always apply his mind to whatever is being said, focussing on the context instead of in what way the idea is being presented. In other words, if we're to put them in the order of importance, "what's" being said should always hold our attention more than "how's" it being said. That, I think, is what makes conversations worthwhile because after all it should be the exchange of ideas (set in logic) and not of words that we're after when we converse.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Romantic

Image: "Butterfly" - Bryan Larsen
Oh what can I say except...
On one hand, I have a powerful imagination and on the other, a strong talent for falling in love with images.

Oh I don't have words except...
I am a hopeless romantic with nothing to romance really. Until. Occasionally, there comes along someone who fits an image so beautifully.

Oh how can I express it except...
That when it happens, life becomes rosy and fragrant for a while. And then the rose wilts.

Oh what can I say except...
I am a hopeless romantic with nothing and so much to romance.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dear Government, you are GOD!

Good job helping the "victims" government, good job. We salute your brilliant schemes and the urgency with which you straightaway hop into action. Take away people's vehicles, deprive them of their incomes for 4-5 days because you don't pay them and they can't earn it. How can they, when they've been sent on "government duty" and are not plying on their regular "commercial routes" on which they again pay you "road taxes" for roads which are not there. What a lovely paradox!

Then when they come back from those unsafe and nightmarish illusions of roads, their vehicles are like injured and mauled victims and dead bodies that they are supposed to bring back. The victims go to hospitals, the vehicles go to service centers. Who bears the costs? Not you...oh certainly not you! All the food you send comes from private charities; all the vehicles you send come from private owners, all the money you spend comes from my pocket!...What a brilliant masterstroke this is! Take money from my pocket and give it to some "victim" and in doing so, somehow make yourself indispensable! Seriously, how do you do this?!

And oh your "welfare policies"...Make victims out of people who are not victims so that it helps the victims who are victims! Ain't that glorious?!

And while you do your juggling acts so masterfully, all we lesser mortals can do is sit and watch in awe gasping at the marvellous, flawless, perfect execution by so logical and efficient minds at work!

So what if one God took some of our lives and property through that ugly calamity, we all sit pretty and comfortably in the assurance that we're in the safe hands of another more Godly God - Our dear Government. And since you deserve it so much, let me pay you some more. Let's not call it bribes or embezzlement...Noooo, it's just a token of appreciation from your humble servants, the lesser beings who are born in your servitude, to work, to slog their asses off for one and only one goal - To feed you.

P.S. This was easy. Ain't it always easier to puke than to cook? I hope this is the worst, most insensible, nonsensical, incoherent piece of shit I've written because who wants to put in even a tiniest bit of thought into something which is supposed to be dedicated to the fuckin' GOVERNMENT!